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"If you know that you are not playing as BIG as you could in life, that something is holding you back, I suggest you talk with my dear friend and awesome coach Tammera Logan. I recently did a two part session with her to access, identify and release some of my blocks and it was amazingly insightful and quite powerful as I am experiencing the release! Explore her work... you will be blessed! " ~ Kay Lathrop, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach

Tammera Logan

Healing Animals Tammera Logan | Life Coach & Healing Practitioner Encinitas, California


Do you wish you could stop thinking about how your life could be and start creating the life you really dream of?

If you are ready to commit to becoming the person you know you can be, then read on to discover the tools and techniques Tammera Logan has used to help hundreds of people like you uncover their personal obstacles to living their best life.

Life Coaching and Healing

Life Coach and Healing Practitioner Tammera Logan helps people with career choices, change and development, health & well-being, positive self-image and relationships, along with spirituality and happiness, so they can live a more fulfilled life. Tammera has a special ability to teach empowerment and inspire happiness and deep, lasting satisfaction in life. She is acclaimed for her work as a life coach and healing practitioner, working with individuals and groups in designing and living extraordinary lives.

• Ignite Your Courage and Access Your Power

• Discover Your Unique Potential and Reveal Your Passion/Purpose

• Let Go of Limiting Beliefs & Thought Patterns and Be Free to SHINE

• Reveal Your Core Values and Heart’s Calling

• Express Your Authentic Self and Engage in Your Greatness

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"Having Tammera for a Life Coach has brought me a connection within myself on the deepest level. She has taught me how to see and interpret the lessons of life, which now, have become my gifts and strengths. Through Tammera's teaching, I have learned how to identify and remove emotional blocks that kept my energy from flowing freely throughout my day. She is articulate and professional, and provides techniques to use between coaching sessions that just push your progress to the next level! Thank you, Tammera! Your passion is admirable and your enthusiasm is contagious! You are an outstanding coach and an inspiration to me!" ~ Denise Schuab, Attorney